I’ve helped thousands of students

professionals and companies get up to speed and ACTUALLY USE machine learning, deep learning and generative AI…for REAL! 

They’ve built

  • Object detection systems to track drowsiness 🔎  
  • Virtual Investment Bankers using Large Language Models  🏦
  • Gaming bots that smash their way through Street Fighter using Reinforcement Learning 🎮
  • And event super resolution models to enhance low quality images 🖼️

But, you know the crazy thing. 

I taught myself how to do it and I can teach you as well. 

Learning to code 🧑🏽‍💻and then the nuts and bolts of machine learning, deep learning and data science has been singularly the best decision I’ve ever made.

And it'll be yours as well!

It's allowed me to:

  • Speak all around the world (Barcelona, San Francisco, Vegas, Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney) 
  • Introduced me to an amazing group of developers on YouTube 
  • And it's strapped my career to a  🚀 (in fact I'm now the Chief AI Engineer at IBM

I didn't start out with a deep background in tech and mathematics, I've learned along the way. So don't stress if you need a refresher, I've got your back! 

So what are you waiting for?!

Get started 🙌🏽, kick off the journey with my FREE Tech Fundamentals course where you'll learn everything you need to get started with Python for AI.

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